Hunter Solar Sync: Save 30% on Water with Your Current Sprinkler System

Posted by on Nov 5, 2012 in Blog | 0 comments

I have an interesting new offer for my customers, that I guarantee will save you over 30% of the water you currently use for your sprinklers.  I’m offering to “virtually” come to your house, and tweak your sprinkler timers every night…personally, myself.

 Think about the savings.  Almost every aspect of my irrigation business is run based on the weather.  I fanatically follow conditions closely to schedule our jobs and service to maximize efficiency and minimize damage to your lawns and messy clean-ups.  I live and die by correctly reacting to the weather, scheduling jobs and moving equipment.   I know turf grass, it’s wants and needs, and I know when it needs water or when it’s healthy and lush.   Don’t you think that being intimate with these two details, weather and turf conditions, that if I adjusted your timer every night, after watching conditions so closely, that I could turn down your times in cooler weather, or even skip a day if it rained enough two days ago?  What about cloudy days..with less solar intensity, the grass blade uses less water, I know that I could adjust for cloudy days. Think of the daily savings over an entire year!!  I also could cover for you if you were away.  If we had several above normal hot days, I would show up and add some time to get extra water if needed.  Sound good?  In the early Fall, I would start ramping down your watering in anticipation of cooler conditions, and virtually eliminate water when the lawns didn’t need it any more, long before we actually winterize the system.

 I’ll bet your thinking about what I’d have to charge, with gas and of course my time, to provide this service to my customers.  I would probably have to charge too much to personally preform this service.  I am offering a trial installation for an amazing new Smart addition to our very professional Hunter Irrigation Timers called the Hunter Solar Sync.  It attaches to your existing timer and through sensors and a historical data-base (adjusted to our local region) it monitors the daily conditions and adjusts the watering times by percentage every single night before your watering cycle, automatically, without any prompts or any input from you.  Quite simply, it will follow the date, and based on temperature, solar intensity and rain, it will add or subtract minutes to each zone, or cancel watering if necessary.  It will work to react to conditions exactly as if I was there, changing the timers myself.

Interested in getting in on this limited offer?  Call me to set up a demo, and the cost is less than a dollar a day for ONE year.  If your happy with the product and water savings at the end of the season,  you keep the Solar Sync, and it works for you for years to come.  If you are not happy, we will remove it, and replace it with a standard rain shut off device, and you can go back to adjusting your timer when you want.

Approximately 30% of your water bill saved every year for the next 12 years or so, for a one-time charge of less than $350.00.  Sound like a good investment??  I look forward to hearing from my interested customers!